The Predator Fly Tying Vise©

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The Predator Fly Tying Vise© - The most beefcake, ground-breaking vise in years.

Standing a foot high with a 5/8" post, The Predator Fly Tying Vise© trumps all other vises in stature, its hook-holding power is second-to-none, & its adjustability is bested by no other vise on the market. This vise handles flies from huge streamers to tiny dry flies, so it’s perfect for saltwater & freshwater fly-tiers alike. Here are some of the highlights of The Predator Fly Tying Vise©:

*Easily adjusted for left & right--handed tiers

*Adjustable cam includes the following features that allow the tier to position & secure the vise in many different positions for more precision in tying:

-Rotates 360º horizontally around the vertical post

-Slides vertically up & down the vertical post, allowing the tier to set the height of the cam to their preference, i.e. no more hunching over your vise

-The cam rotates vertically in 90º increments (allows for easy parachute tying)

-Centerline markings every 90º offer more precision in fly tying… Never tie a tilted fly again (user error excluded)

-Running on a set of sealed ball bearings provides remarkably smooth rotation

*Our STA Jaws©(a/k/a Stronger Than All©Jaws) are second-to-none, i.e. you’ll never have to chase a hook again. The STA Jaws©include the following features:

-Adjustable Jaw Plate allows the tier to find Perfect Rotary©for hook size #32 to #6/0

-Vise comes standard with both an angled & straight neck

-STA Jaws©are magnetized, double-notched, with a micro-tensioning lever

-The STA Jaws©are easily disassembled to clean stuck-on tying products

*The Pedestal has many unique features:

-Metric & standard measurements for measuring materials & flies

-Rare earth magnet embedded in the base attracts hooks, tools, etc.

-Work caddy has tool holders with rubber inserts to protect tool tips

*All parts of this vise are fully machined by Speyco Reels

*Excluding the jaws and posts, the vise is machined with 6160 aircraft grade aluminum

*This vise will not rust, so it’s perfect for tiers that live &/or tie close to saltwater

*The Backsnatch Bobbin-Cradle©is A bobbin rest, gallows tool, & third hand is attached to a foot-long modular hose & rotates 360º around & up & down the vertical post. The Backsnatch Bobbin-Cradle©comes standard with the purchase of a Predator Fly Tying Vise©. The Backsnatch Bobbin-Cradle©may also be purchased separately in 5/8” or 3/8” for use with other vises).

The Predator Fly Tying Vise is 100% American-Made, designed, engineered, and manufactured using state-of-the-art, top-notch materials.

Custom Shop: PIMP YOUR VISE: Upgrade your Predator Fly Tying Vise© with a custom airbrush paint design. Our standard upgrade designs include a brown trout, steelhead rainbow trout, or black-out design. Please contact us for pricing and other information.

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