Norbert Renaud

Norbert Renaud

( Ireland )


Norbert is a guide from Ireland that has been tying jaw dropping flies for years. Norbert's attention came from his stunning photos of BIG predator style flies, all over social media platforms. 

Norbert in the states is known for his company,"FWA" aka Flies With Attitude. 

The Name speaks for itself and his flies are definitely something to check out! We are very happy to have Norbert on our team and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. 

You can check out all of Norbert's awesome work on the links below.

 Michelle J

 ( USA )

Michelle derives from a small town in Nevada,USA. She has only been tying for a couple of years and already is one of the top "RESIN FLY" tiers in the industry.

We consider our "PRO STAFF" family and Michelle has been just that. 

We urge you to check out some of Michelle"s workon her links below.

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